A belated recap – Sabrina visits Richmond – Day 1

A day late…a dollar short…and my recap that starts with June 22 (gasp!) is over a week late….That’s okay! At least your getting a glimpse into my crazy world :-)

Last week my dear friend, Sabrina, from Germany was in town. She stayed with us from Sunday evening (June 21) through Thursday morning. We took her to Virginia Beach where we all stayed with my folks until Sunday. Sabrina left to start heading home Sunday….

The recap of her visit will be a bit out of order…mainly because we started our visit in Loudon County, VA…but I really wanted to start my recap with Richmond! Without further delay, here is the official recap of day 1 in Richmond!

Monday – Day 1 in Richmond

Sabrina and my main squeeze – Billy – spent the day running errands and hanging out while I worked. They met me for lunch – super awesome! – and then took off to find real, authentic, German beer. They went up to Total Wine and picked up a plethora! They also ran to pick up a few groceries so Sabrina could surprise us with dinner.

She made a delicious pasta dish complete with asparagus (our first time eating that!) and prosciutto. It was delicious and accompanied by an amazing salad! To top it off, we enjoyed a delicious Rosé with the meal.

Let me just say, having someone else cook you a meal is awesome. Having someone else cook you a meal where you try new foods and love – heavenly! Seriously, check out this meal she made us!

Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0013










Of course, we couldn’t go without having a beer tasting! No, we didn’t drink these all in one night, we did try the pilsner’s first. And, of course, the favorite was Jever! Brings back memories of being 15, without my parents in a foreign country and trying my first sip of beer. So much fun! For now, you’ll have to enjoy the collection of beers we had and wait for the rest of my recap from our Richmond adventures!

Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0012

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