Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been away…

Hi! Welcome back!

I’m so sorry I’ve been away and neglected my blog. It has been quite a busy time for me in my person life. You see, my husband – Billy – and I used to Crossfit. Yes, USED TO. Here’s a brief (okay, probably longer than what you want) synopsis of why we stopped and where we are today.

We started Crossfitting in March 2013. We loved it – absolutely loved it. We made awesome friends and had some awesome moments getting stronger and healthier. We went nearly everyday except Sunday. It was a great social outlet and a fantastic way for us to both push the limits of our physical fitness. I stopped in November 2014.

(Cue memory music) It all started when….

We went to Virginia Beach to celebrate the birthday’s of our nephew and niece. We had a blast and enjoyed dinner at the fast food Italian restaurant, Fazoli’s. After dinner, we went to a trampoline park – Cloud 9 – in Chesapeake. The kids are active and our niece is into gymnastics and cheerleading so it was quite fitting. We had blast – we got our wrist bands, went in and got to jumping. The kids were – literally – bouncing all over the place. Of course the grown ups felt and acted just like kids again.

It’s typical that trampoline parks have some kind of obstacle or “thing” you want to try to do. First up was to jump and try to grab onto a punching bag hanging down from the ceiling. My husband went – no big deal. He didn’t grab it, but he touched it. Then one of our friends went. Her “ups” weren’t as good so she missed. Then it was my turn….well wouldn’t you know I found out why I was never, ever allowed to have a trampoline as a kid?

I bounced once, went to the next trampoline, bounced again…I came down and crunch! Shooting pain radiated all the way up from my foot into my ankle then my calf. It was horrendous. I was done for the night and sidelined much to my dismay. The rest of our group finished out their time while I sat off to the side trying to stay out of the way. I was hurting, sure. More than that, I was so jealous of the fun they were having! As Saturday turned into Sunday, we noticed the swelling wasn’t subsiding. My ankle was the size of the softball. We left my in-laws, stopped to visit briefly with my family, then hit the road for the 2.5 hour drive home. We finally made it back to Richmond and stopped in at one of the urgent care centers.  Wouldn’t you know that they couldn’t diagnose me 100% and set me up with an orthopedist? I walked hobbled out of the urgent care center with a giant pseudo-cast and crutches to set up an appointment with the orthopedist.

As I came to find out several days later, I just had a very bad sprain and was wishing it was broken instead. I was finally all healed in early March 2015. Nothing like nearly 4 months to recover.

Fast forward and rewind a bit to….

My poor husband woke up in December after visiting some friends with a sharp pain in his shoulder/neck area and a tingling/numbness sensation from his neck down to this thumb. We spent a lot of time in late December visiting orthopedists and getting all sorts of scans for him. We found out he had a herniated disc in his neck which was compressing the nerve. The doctor recommended injections to see if that would open up the disc.

The good news: they helped with his pain.

The bad news: they didn’t help the disc.

We found out March 19 that my husband had to have surgery. He went in March 31 to have the herniated disc removed and his two vertebrae fused together. He had his strength back the very next day. The numbness and tingling are still present. Needless to say, I’ve been playing nurse to him and have let a lot of my photography needs slide…until today!

Welcome back!

I’m back now. And so are you. The next several months are filled with weddings, maternity sessions, babies being born, family sessions, and lots of 2nd shooting with some awesome photographers! Don’t worry, my blogging will back up soon enough and you’ll get lost in the whirlwind of Forstner Photography again!

For now, let me leave you with these amazing detail snap shots from a recent Bridal Session I cannot wait to blog! Happy Friday friends!

Chesterfield, VA Wedding Photogpraher

Chesterfield, VA Wedding Photogpraher

Chesterfield, VA Wedding Photogpraher


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