2015 Photography Project – Project 52, Week 1

I was so lucky to find out about an awesome photography project today. It is called Project 52 and is basically a 52 week themed photography adventure. Each week, a new theme is provided and it is up to the photographer to determine how they want to interpret the theme. The photos can be whatever the person feels inspired to post that somehow relates to theme – from the way their week is to the dictionary definition of the word. The theme for each week is revealed on Monday’s with submission due the following Sunday. Photos are taken and shared with fellow photographers on social media (via this Facebook page or also on this Flickr page). It’s both a tool for constructive criticism and growth as well as a way to get inspiration from others. So if you’re a new photographer looking to explore your surroundings and understand your camera or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to get outside your comfort zone, this project is for you!

This week’s theme is FRESH.

There are so many ways that this could be interpreted…especially with us having just started a new year. For me, finding what I saw as fresh took some time. So many thoughts entered my head: soap (so fresh and so clean!), fruit and veggies (freshest is best!), a simple photograph of the calendar (a fresh start), a baby (a fresh, new life)…..so many ideas, and only one true photo to capture the theme.

I allowed my life and business to enter my decision in picking what fresh meant to me this week and found I couldn’t pick just one. I decided on two photographs to reflect my perspective for the week.

This first photo is from my first solo wedding ever. It’s a fresh start for me in my business – a new year, a new couple, a joining of a new love that I was able to witness. More than that, it’s a fresh start for this lovely couple on their journey through life together as a married couple. Their path is wide open with the world at their feet. The freshness for them is the opportunity to cast their life in whatever direction they choose with their fresh union front and center.

Project 52 Week 1-2

This second photo is my perspective on my brand new, fresh tires. I was measuring 2/32 when the old tires were checked the other day. With the frigid air temperatures upon us this week and the potential for substantial amounts of precipitation (fingers crossed for snow!!) in the upcoming forecast, I decided it was best to start the year off right with a fresh, brand new set of tires.

Project 52 Week 1

Check back soon to see what theme is for week 2 and where my inspiration took me! Happy Friday, friends!

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