Personal Post – 6 months of growth

If you recall, I did a personal look back in June at my progress over 3 months. I promised in that post a 6 month look back. Can you believe it’s already been 6 months?

I must say, I have improved so much since March. I am loving every second of learning and growing. I now have 6 weddings where I have assisted/2nd shot. Those experiences have been nothing short or amazing. I have met and worked with 4 different photographers and truly enjoyed each moment. They have been so willing to share their stories and mistakes with me as well as helping me grow in my abilities. (Just to make sure you know how awesome these folks are, check out Amber Kay Photography, Common Spark Media, Kanne Photography, and Journey Photography.) Working with so many styles has truly helped me pinpoint my must have photos that I want to deliver to every couple that books a wedding with me. It has helped me see how awesome weddings can be and how frustrating weddings can be. These four wonderful folks have helped me grow, critiqued my photos, and offered their suggestions openly and honestly. Thank you Amber, Bud, Kimberly, and Joanna for your time, your talent, and willingness to work with me and let me work with you. I must say, I can’t wait to work with you all again! I also have to give a shout out to Kristine Pringle for hosting her workshops. I’ve attended 2 and learned so much through both! (If you’re looking to get started and want to connect with other awesome photographers, you really should attend Kristine’s level one class!)

I have countless hours behind the camera learning, trying, doing. I have photo shoots from couples, portraits, and even corporate work. I am clearly growing both in clients and experience. It has been amazing thus far. I can honestly say, the only time I’ve really felt anxious and nervous was when I did my very own, 100% solo work for corporate head shots. The family sessions and the couples sessions don’t make me nervous. It’s just the folks that requested the session, sometimes my awesome husband, and me. It’s personal. Most of the time, I have gotten to know the people through email or Facebook. There is already a bond formed. More than that, I have plenty of time to get the settings right and make sure that each picture is delivering what I want and what my client has conveyed they want to see. Head shots felt like a completely different game. Let’s be honest – I was getting ready to deliver some 30 professional head shots (plus some fun “personality” shots) to a massive Fortune 500 company. That’s daunting. I took a deep breath, had a few pep talks with Bud over at Common Spark Media, and went for it. I delivered what was asked for with a glowing response from my contact. She loved my work, my ease with the people getting head shots, and the ability I had to meet her tight deadlines. Talk about a confidence booster!

I am, in no means, where I think I should be or where I want to be. I am, however, pleased with how far I’ve come. I am incredibly excited to see where this journey takes me. More than that, I am optimistic that I will be booking more of my own weddings. I am eager to pay it forward to other new and upcoming photographers by having them work with me much in the way the four awesome photographers I have been so blessed to work with work have done for me.

After 6 months of working – really working – to get to know my camera, understand the settings, managing lighting changes, nailing shots, and having shots that fail, I can honestly say I still love it. I can say that I am very blessed and fortunate to have had the experiences I’ve had thus far. I am thankful for every experience because they’re all teaching/learning moments for me. I can’t wait to see where I wind up 6 months from now!

Now, for the moment I’ve been waiting to share with you: a true side by side look at the beginning, middle, and present :-)

The beginning of my family sessions to the most recent family session

6 month lookback_0001 6 month lookback_0002 6 month lookback_0004

6 month lookback_0003

The beginning of my beloved sessions to my most recent
6 month lookback_0005 6 month lookback_0006 6 month lookback_00076 month lookback_0014

My wedding shots from earliest to most recent

6 month lookback_0008 6 month lookback_0009 6 month lookback_0010 6 month lookback_0011 6 month lookback_0012 6 month lookback_0013 6 month lookback_0016 6 month lookback_0017 6 month lookback_0018 6 month lookback_0019


I seriously cannot wait to see where I am in 6 months! Stay tuned for my next look back in (holy smokes!) March 2015!

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