Kara – Fitness Photo Shoot

Kara recently celebrated a birthday. And what do you do for your birthday when you’re leading a healthy lifestyle and focused on your well being? Why, you celebrate with a fitness photo shoot!

Kara is an amazing woman. She exudes strength in so many ways Рmentally, emotionally, and physically. She talks about her weaknesses and acknowledges them without complaining. Instead of moaning and groaning about them, she puts a plan in place tackle them. This ability to pinpoint her weaknesses is incredible to watch and see her work through. She leads a group of woman at my gym on Thursday night in learning Olympic lifting  moves without being in a testosterone infused environmental. Kara is Рto me Рa true inspiration and woman who has managed to share her passion and help others become the best version of themselves.

Kara asked me about a month ago if I could do a photo shoot with her. She had done one a few years ago and it just didn’t feel right. I – of course – was quite anxious about it. I had never been asked to do such. So I scoured the web looking for ideas to get a vision of what I wanted that also matched what she desired. I even created a Pinterest board just for this session. I said yes. We emailed back and forth. I asked her a TON of questions – most of them around what she didn’t like – so I could make sure she got what she wanted. We planned a lot of it…and I think she nailed it.

Cheers to another year wiser, stronger, and happier. Cheers to an amazing woman that I am so fortunate to know and honored to work with. Happy birthday to you, Kara!

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