2nd Shooting with Common Spark Media

Second shooting is quite fantastic. It gives someone just starting out a way to get experience shooting weddings or it can give an experienced person a break from having to be the main shooter all the time. It also enables you to see how someone else works, how they set up their photos, and how they manage the hiccups throughout the day.

I had the honor and pleasure of second shooting with the amazing Bud Johnson of Common Spark Media. His talent is amazing an unique. His personality is incredible – he puts everyone at ease, makes everyone laugh, and can even get a smile out of the toughest crowd. The way he works is awesome – he’s efficient and takes control without being pushy or bossy. He can command a situation with such ease. I’m telling you, the enthusiasm he exudes is incredibly contagious and just lifts everyone’s spirits. His confidence is evident the second the door opens and he meets the bride. Combining his enthusiasm and confidence you get someone who can get people excited and comfortable in front of the camera and truly develop those real smiles and captures those special moments.

In addition to enjoying the time I spent working with Bud, he also took time to answer so many of my questions. Our drive down to Norfolk was so informative I wish I had a tape recorder to remember everything he told me. He took time throughout the day and even answered more on our way back. It was truly one of the best experiences I have had thus far in my short lived photography career.

I can’t wait to share all these images with you to see the awesomeness of this wedding. I told Bud the worst part of second shooting for him was the wait to be able to post my pictures on my Facebook page!  For now, you can have sneak peek of my few favorite images with more to come soon! (And seriously, check out Common Spark Media’s Facebook page (and become a fan!).

2014-08-17_0010 2014-08-17_0011 2014-08-17_0012


2014-08-17_0005 2014-08-17_0006


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