Candace and Nick – Married!

I met Nick 3 years ago when he first came to work with me at my other job (engineer). We quickly became fast friends. Since then, he and Candace have become our friends and people we enjoy dinner with from time to time (when our schedules allow).

A few months ago, Nick and Candace got engaged. They were planning a 2015 wedding to give themselves time to plan. Well, as we all know, life happens. And that very fact occurred with them.

Nick and I were in a meeting and he stayed over a bit while I was wrapping up a conversation with another colleague of ours. He waited patiently for us to wrap things up. Once we had a minute, he pulled out his phone to show me something. His statement to me was “We figured out why Candace wasn’t feeling well last weekend for the cookout.” Next thing I know, he’s showing me an ultrasound of their baby!

Needless to say, Candace and Nick made the decision to have a civil ceremony this past Saturday in Henrico at the courthouse. It was lovely taking place along the Pocoahontas Bridge and overlooking two fountains behind them. Candace’s mom and brother were there as were Nick’s parents and his two brothers. I had the honor of being a witness and their photographer.

A very special congratulations to my friends on their marriage and their sweet bundle of joy due this January! I can’t wait to see your beautiful family grow!

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