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Sabrina Visits – Virginia Beach Take Over

Virginia Beach is my hometown and Sabrina’s 2nd hometown….2nd only to Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Sabrina and I have been friends for 18 years. We met 18 years ago during a summer exchange program between Norfolk, VA and Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The two cities were designated as sister cities and paired up students for a month long exchange program. Sabrina came over first and split her time between two families. We spent time with her the 2nd half – it was amazing for the entire family. The following summer, I went to live with her and her family for a month. From then on, we managed to see each other at least every 5 years :-) My most recent trip to Germany was 8 years ago for her wedding….her was 5 years after that for ours.

Fast forward to present day :-)

We took a drive down to Virginia Beach for a long mini-vacation with Sabrina. With her ties to my family, it seemed only appropriate that she spend time with them as well. We spent Thursday at the beach catching some rays and just relaxing. We – of course – had pizza that night for dinner since my folks had just come back from celebrating their 40th anniversary. (Seriously, who doesn’t love Shorebreak Pizza?)

Friday was super lazy day – especially since it was rainy! We headed on to the movies and enjoyed Spy. From there, we went back to my folk’s house and putzted around until I had a quick engagement session that evening. Sabrina and Billy took a stroll down the beach while I worked. Then, we headed back to my folk’s and watched yet another movie.

Saturday was a quick day – the morning was lazy and relaxing. That afternoon, Billy and I had an early lunch to celebrate a belated father’s day and an early birthday for his brother.  Sabrina spent it catching up with my parents :-) That evening, we chatted the night away and before we knew it, it was bedtime.

Sunday came far sooner than anyone wanted and the morning was again quiet and relaxed. Sabrina and I were up early a 5 AM to catch the sunrise at the beach before she headed back home. It was a quiet morning and one meant for reflection. We made it back to my folks where I took a nap (so not a morning person!) and she stayed up just hanging out and enjoying the quiet of the morning. We spent the next few hours just visiting, laughing, and enjoying one another’s company. Before we knew it, 1230 was here and were off to the airport!

Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0037

While we may be an ocean apart and a few years from connecting in person, technology had made it easier for us to remain in touch. However, the best thing about our friendship truly is:
friendshipSee you again in 2017, Sabrina! 😀 😀


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Weekend Warrior – An Independence Day Recap

I’m a weekend warrior.

We live for the weekends….this is especially true in the summer. My husband is a teacher and has his days off (except when he does his summer school stint) so he can enjoy leisurely summer days while I head off to my job. (I know, you’re shocked, but photography isn’t my full time job!) Summer weekends are usually filled with lots of action – friends, family, road trips, and anything else I can coerce him into doing :-)

This weekend was no exception – especially since it was a long holiday weekend for me. We started it out with a trip back to Va. Beach – Sandbridge – to visit family before they headed back home for another year. (My cousins are all scattered across the US – Alabama, Illinois, and North Dakota.) We enjoyed the quick visit and it was so good to reconnect with people I adore. Friday morning, we took a leisurely drive through Hampton Roads courtesy of our GPS/Traffic app – Waze. I’m pretty sure we toured almost every city in Hampton Roads – except Chesapeake – Friday morning. We finally made it to Williamsburg without incident of our own. (That’s pretty awesome considering parts of I-64W were completely closed due to an unfortunate accident!) We enjoyed lunch with my parents at the fabulous New York Deli just down the street from the outlets. After that, we took an even more leisurely drive back home by way of the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry and Va. State Rt. 10. It was such a pleasant drive home – no traffic and just enjoying our favorite tunes. We had a lazy Friday evening and just relaxed :-)


Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0040 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0041 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0042


Saturday was quite the lazy day for us too. We played with the pups, had an early lunch, and finally saw Jurassic World. We loved it even if others found it cheesy and predictable :-) (Seriously, someone really needs to make a park like Jurassic World and/or Jurassic Park happen.) After the movie, the weather took a turn with some pretty serious thunderstorms rolling through. So….as any good American would do to celebrate our Independence….we had Chinese for dinner. It was good…but really, rain kind of dampens the plans to grill out! We didn’t feel like driving into the city to catch fireworks so we joined our neighbors in the parking lot nearby the house and saw not a single daggon firework. With all these failures, we picked up a few groceries and headed back to enjoy fireworks on the big screen from New York City. We weren’t disappointed at all with those :-)

Sunday was awesome! We had a quiet day with our close friends and their sons. We ate lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats….we enjoyed potato salad, zucchini casserole (yum!), and even made our very own waffle cone s’mores.

Now here we are…back to work, back to normal and a few more days until another amazing weekend of adventures! Happy belated Independence Day friends!

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Sabrina Takes on Richmond – Day 2 and 3

If you missed the earlier recaps, you can hop on over to check out our Great Falls adventures or you can read up on Day 1 in Richmond too.

Day 2:

Day 2 of Sabrina’s visit was uneventful from our perspective. We had lunch at home and then took her up to check out Short Pump. We checked out all our favorite stores and even helped her acquire a few more items for her wardrobe :-) Then we treated her to our typical Tuesday evening dinner – Taco Tuesday. We ended the night with an ice cream tasting event – Reese’s Peanut Butter and Orange Creamsicle for the win!

Day 3:

Day 3 was much more eventful. We started the morning off at Maymont Park in Richmond. It’s a great way to start off a summer day – a leisurely stroll through gorgeous scenery with two awesome people. Of course, we worked up an appetite and couldn’t resist taking Sabrina to one of Richmond’s awesome local establishments…..Bottoms Up Pizza. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch! After that, we toured Main Street Station and took a little canal cruise. (If you take the canal cruise, try to get Charles Hibber as your tour guide – he’s an amazing storyteller and he’ll have you captivated the entire time!  I will warn you – his enthusiasm is so great that you’ll want to sit a ways away from his captain area – he’s a bit loud :-) ) After we finished that up, we had to hit two more of Richmond’s finest establishments – (these are not places for those who don’t like a good dose of sugar!) Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe and Sugar Shack.  We wrapped up the day back at home indulging in delightful conversation and enjoying one another’s company.

Stay tuned for the next few days of our visit in Virginia Beach :-)

Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0029 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0030 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0031 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0032 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0033Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0034Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0035 Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0036signature


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