Who’s Behind the Lens

Forstner Photography is owned by me, Jen! My husband and I have been in Chesterfield since 2011 and relocated from our hometown of Virginia Beach. And yes, we do miss the beach and try to visit as often as our schedules allow!


Photo courtesy of Macon Photography

About Jen:

Have you ever been on a job interview and someone has said “Tell us about yourself”? I instantly freeze and think “What is it that they want to know about me? What about me do I want to share that is intriguing?”  That is exactly how I feel right now! So here is what I think you might want to know about me…

I find that memories sometimes fade away unbeknownst to us.

I am: a wife, doggy mom, friend, sister and daughter.

I absolutely adore my husband, our puppies, our family, our friends, and of course my favorite team in the world (yes, even when they’re terrible) the Hokies.

Summer is my favorite season. And even though it occurs in the exact opposite season, my absolute favorite holiday is Christmas. Have you ever seen the sheer elation on a child’s face when they see Santa came or they open that present you know they’ve been wanting FOR-EV-ER (I know you said that Sandlot Style!)? And a close second to Christmas is Thanksgiving which just happens to be in my second favorite season!

We spend our evenings walking our four-legged fur babies  (please note, this means being dragged by 2 55+ lb dogs) and enjoying life. I absolutely love ice cream, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, strawberries, bacon cheese fries, Outback’s chocolate (yes, I know it really isn’t chocolate!) bread, Thanksgiving dinner deliciousness, and macaroni & cheese.

Smelling blankets and towels fresh out of the dryer is almost as good as my husband making me laugh so hard it becomes crying tears of joy.

I am not a photographer by degree. In fact, I have a degree in chemical engineering (this is where the Hokies come in) and work full time supporting a manufacturing site as an environmental engineer. However, I have a passion that burns so deep and so bright that I want to share it with you.

I believe every memory is a moment we should capture by photographs so that we never forget how we felt. I can’t wait to capture your memories that will last a lifetime!


About My Style:

I am working on finding my style. I love nature, I love natural light, I love brightness, and I love to see colors popping. You’ll find that a lot of my style is focused around the outdoors and finding ways to showcase the beauty of our everyday lives while still capturing those pearly whites. As you take a look through the blog, you’ll see that the “golden hour” is my favorite time to shoot. The light is so gorgeous and flatters everyone. Silhouettes are one of my favorite ways to capture people just after the “magic hour” is over.



Grow With Me:

Forstner Photography is a full service family/couples/engagement/wedding photography duo. I have experience with families, couples, weddings, and landscape photography. If you’re interested in finding out how Forstner Photography can serve you, I encourage you to check out the blog posts. Also, look me up on Facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you and capture your most treasured memories!