The Woes are Winning

Yep, you read that right….

The woes are winning right now. Or I’m just easily annoyed from time to time.

(Before you start feeling sort of bad for me or read through this entire post and think “Seriously?!?!”, let me preface this by saying: These aren’t major, life shattering, earth altering woes.  They’re just inconveniences that are annoying me. And I thought what better way to explain my absence than here. Now that you know this isn’t the end of the world, you can certainly keep reading if you choose….which I – of course – hope you do! 😉 :-) )

You see, I had planned my week out. I had all these grand plans to share some awesome blog posts with you all…a wedding recap from June, my weekend warrior adventures, the recap from my dear friend Sabrina’s visit, our Independence Day weekend, and so much more. I had lots of pictures to share from our ferry trip, sunrises, and other adventures.

Sadly, my computer decided to start running super SLOW (slower than a tortoise!) Sunday. Add to that, the fan on it sounds like an airplane getting ready to take off! I did all sorts of reset tricks and nothing worked. I even spent most of last night on the phone with Apple support trying all sorts of things and nothing seems to have helped. I did finally decide to back up my computer. That’s a plus…right?

I’m heading to the genius bar tomorrow in the hopes that it’s an easy fix….keep your fingers crossed!

I wonder if I can coerce convince my husband that now is the perfect time to buy invest in a new computer iMAC.

For now, feel free to laugh at my annoyances 😀 😀  I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! Blog post are so boring without awesome pictures to share!


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