The best week of 2015

Let me preface this by saying, last week was the BEST WEEK OF 2015!

I made a commitment to myself and my passion for photography and invested in myself last week. I spent the evening of June 7 and all day June 8 and 9 attending Amy and Jordan’s workshop right here in Richmond. It was the best investment in a workshop I could have made this year. I am certain you want to know what made it so awesome…I will provide details and information from my perspective once I’ve had enough time to digest it all.

For now, let me just tell you that I walked away from it knowing that I can be successful and take my business anywhere so long as I follow my heart and always love & serve others first. One of the biggest “tools” that stuck with me through it all was how warm and welcoming Amy and Jordan are both in their online presence and even more so in their face to face presence.

I took their workshop because I fell in love with them. I left their workshop loving them as people and truly inspiring professionals.

I can’t wait to see where their gift of education and sharing leads me :-) For now, I’ll work on my promise to improve my ability to love & serve others.

Forstner Photography - Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer_0001

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