2nd Shooting with Kanne Photography

Kanne Photography is owned by my friend, Kim. I met her when I first moved up to Chesterfield at the Gold’s gym just outside Powhatan. We quickly became friends through a fitness competition. Shortly after our wedding in 2012, Kim bought her first DSLR. I was ecstatic for her as (at that point in time) I knew the power (again, at that time, it wasn’t nearly as much as I know now) that this camera could posses. She quickly started learning and growing in her knowledge.

Fast forward to 2014 – Kanne Photography has grown into a great business. And I am lucky enough to be a small part of it – second shooting with Kim. We drove 90 minutes out to Clarksville, VA for this wedding. It was great!

It was at a small bed and breakfast – Cooper’s Landing Inn. The bride was gorgeous, her groom sweet. The entire wedding was such a delight. There were small touches that made it rustic and sweet accents that made it gorgeous. Here are a few of my favorite images from this celebration!


2014-09-24_0034 2014-09-24_0035 2014-09-24_0036 2014-09-24_0037 2014-09-24_0038 2014-09-24_0039 2014-09-24_0040 2014-09-24_0041 2014-09-24_0042 2014-09-24_0043 2014-09-24_0044 2014-09-24_0045 2014-09-24_0046 2014-09-24_0047

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