2nd Shooting with Amber Kay Photography – Round 2

If you recall, I assisted/second shot with Amber Kay Photography earlier this year. It was my very first time assisting/second shooting so I had no idea what to expect. I went in – if I can say so myself – presumptuous and confident possibly even a little arrogant. All of this was due to me thinking I was really something. And it was good for me because I came out feeling exhausted and educated…but still knowing that I have talent that just needs to be finessed. Now having assisted/second shot with two different photographers with two different styles, I feel more confident in my abilities because of their teaching.

I met Amber at her house for this most recent shoot. It was an early morning and a very long day. I rode up with her to Alexandria, VA for an amazing wedding. On the drive up we chatted about anything and everything from our personal lives to photography in general. I learned a lot just from listening to her…pretty much the do’s and don’ts of the photography world as well as what she prefers in working with others.

I was able to ask her about my images from the last time I shot with her – and she was honest with me. After her critique (which I asked for) she looked at me and said I hope I didn’t upset you, I wasn’t trying to be mean. I looked at her and said Amber, I asked for it! How else am I going to learn and improve without someone telling me where I need practice? I think I saw her breathe a visible sigh of relief!

(For those of you who don’t know me super well, I should probably let you know this much. I ask for feedback because I want it and need it. And, I want the honest feedback – the feedback that will help me improve and fix my errors – you know, constructive criticism that tells me where I am not spot on. It’s okay if you tell me That didn’t look good or Your shots were too dark/out of focus/lacking solid composition because that’s what I want/need to hear. You will not hurt my feelings – you will only help me get better!)

Let me tell you – the second time working with Amber went – in my opinion – SO MUCH BETTER. I knew what to expect, I had time to understand what she wanted, I had time to learn what she didn’t like about my first round of images from our first shoot together. I had time to cultivate my talent a bit more and work on trying to nail images for her this second time around. This time, I felt confident because I am confident. It wasn’t arrogance this time – it was confidence from feedback and knowing where I was lacking. It was knowing that while I am not as solid as I want to be, she was pleased with many of my shots from the first time around. It made me feel that much better that this time around I would be able to hopefully produce images that she could and would want to provide to her clients.

Amber is SO MUCH FUN and such a joy to work with. Her personality is infectious and you can tell her clients love her and that translates into the entire family of her clients adoring her. Moms and dads, sisters and brothers, even grooms that are over taking pictures can still get into the photos because she’s quirky, fun, and makes the day enjoyable.

I am so lucky that Amber has asked me to assist/second shoot with her for 2 more weddings this season. I can’t wait! I have a feeling these will be even better than the first two! As always, here are a few of my images from the day.2014-09-07_0009 2014-09-07_0010 2014-09-07_0011 2014-09-07_0012 2014-09-07_0013 2014-09-07_0014 2014-09-07_0015 2014-09-07_0016 2014-09-07_0017

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