A Midlothian Bridal Shoot

Who doesn’t love a happy person? Who doesn’t love a smiling face? And seriously, who doesn’t love a bride to be?

I had the pleasure of helping this sweet young lady, Brittany Jo, get a few snapshots for her own modeling portfolio. She’s a sweetheart and absolutely so much to work with! you ask for a playful moment and she gives it to you. You ask for a seductive, come to me look and she nails it.

We shot these at Midlothian Mines Park (I’m telling you – this park is THE PLACE to shoot!) this past Sunday and the weather was perfect! I had such a fun time with her that I cannot wait to second shoot my very first wedding this coming Sunday with the amazing Amber Kay Photography. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post on what is certain to be an amazing experience for me!

2014-07-31_0001 2014-07-31_0002 2014-07-31_0003 2014-07-31_0004 2014-07-31_0005 2014-07-31_0006 2014-07-31_0007 2014-07-31_0008 2014-07-31_0009 2014-07-31_0010 2014-07-31_0011 2014-07-31_0012 2014-07-31_0013 2014-07-31_0014 2014-07-31_0015 2014-07-31_0016

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