Brooks Newborn Family Session – Chesterfield, VA

Welcome back to Chelsea and Chris! (They appear a lot on this here blog of mine…) BUT! We have to welcome the newest member of the Brooks family….Chloe Isabelle Brooks.

Chloe was born Friday, July 11 (a fabulous day for a birthday….my nephew has the same birthday and you always get a free slurpee on your birthday!) at 10:32 PM. She weighed in at 4 lbs 11 oz and was 18″ long. This baby has got to be the most loved baby to have been born that day!

Before I get to sharing this sweet family’s photo session, let me share with you how this all began.

On Friday around 1:30 PM, I got a group text from Chris. He just said that Chelsea was in the hospital due to the baby. Well, that was a surprise as she wasn’t due until later in the month. I promptly responded that if he needed anything just to let us know. About 2 hours later, he told me she was sitting by herself and asked me to go be with her. So I took off to head up to the hospital (who am I to turn down leaving work a bit early?).

I got there and she was still alone. I went in and we chatted for a while as the nurses came in to check on her from time to time. It was wonderful just being able to catch up with her. (At this point, I should probably remind you that Chris is deployed and was in Texas all this time waiting to be given the go ahead to come on home. ) As I was keeping Chelsea company, she found out that the timing of Baby Brooks arrival was going to be expedited to keep both mom and baby safe. As shocking and frustrating as this news was, it also meant that Chris was going to be able to come home for sure.

Chelsea’s dad was with her when Chloe was born. Her mom and brother were anxiously waiting back in the hospital room to meet her. And Chris was miles away seeing Chloe via Facetime until he could make it home to meet her in person.  I met Chloe late Friday night around 11:55. She was perfect in every way.

Chris’s flight finally made it in at 3:55 PM Saturday afternoon. We swung in to the loading area, picked him up, and sped off to the hospital. Billy took Chris up to the labor and delivery unit where Chelsea and Chloe were resting. Chris was elated to finally be home to his girls and Chelsea was elated so that Chris could finally meet his sweet angel. It was when Chris met Chloe that he and Chelsea finally decided she was indeed a Chloe Isabelle.

Fast forward to the photo shoot…Chloe is just 5 days old and already a well loved baby. She is just the sweetest little girl with so much love to give and so much love to receive. I am so happy that I was able to capture these moments with this family before Chris leaves again. Congratulations again Chris and Chelsea on the arrival of sweet Chloe Isabelle! We couldn’t be happier for you all!


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  2. Shirley Forstner July 29, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    beautiful pics, beautiful family !!

  3. Chelsea Brooks July 29, 2014 at 9:22 am #

    Beautiful!!!!! We will always cherish these photos. Thank you so much!

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