An Engagement Party – Taylor & Chewy

You may remember Taylor and Chewy from a few months back. They were my first ever photo shoot. They were the dashing couple that got engaged at my CrossFit gym. She was so busy worrying about her squats that she didn’t even realize he was getting ready to drop down one knee.

They recently had an I do BBQ hosted by Taylor’s mom and stepdad to celebrate their engagement. It was a wonderful celebration with her closest friends and family. Both Taylor and Chewy also took time at the celebration to ask their closest friends to be in their wedding party. The guys even got iced (this is some kind fraternity thing where you carry around a handy dandy bottle of Schmirnoff Ice and if you “ice someone” it means they saw the bottle, got caught without one of their own, and must get down on one knee and chug it). Taylor even took the time to make sweet, individual Be my Bridesmaid gifts for her girls!

Taylor’s mom even made her a prop photo booth wall. It was a big hit in addition to the cornhole boards! Everyone got in on the action (even yours truly for a few with the bride).

I am so honored we were asked to be a part of this. As always, I had my hand dandy camera with me to snap a few photos for them to commemorate their big events on their wedding journey.

Congratulations again Taylor and Chewy! We cannot wait to celebrate your big day with you all!!!

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