A Birthday Party – Ethan Turns 6!

In addition to an engagement party and a fireworks celebration, we spent the weekend celebrating a soon to be 6 year old. My brother’s son will turn 6 July 11 (best birthday – free Slurpee on your birthday!). We made the trek up to Frdericksburg for his birthday party. And it was a blast!

My brother had everyone meet at The Children’s Museum in Fredericksburg. We watched the kids play and run like crazy people. I’m pretty sure the kids had a blast! They were in and out of the little grocery store, serving meals at the diner, painting pictures, and even climbing on the tires. It sure was a site to see.

A birthday party isn’t ever complete without cake and ice cream. The cake was absolutely adorable – it was a minion cake! Everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream prior to Ethan opening his presents. Ethan made out like a bandit – hot wheels galore, a scooter, a new battery for his power wheel, and a bike!

Hope you had a great birthday party, Ethan!


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