There’s something about a Virginia Beach Sunset

There is something that is just amazing about the sunsets and sunrises in Virginia Beach. The colors are amazing and they’re so easy to capture over water.

If you’re ever in Virginia Beach, make the trip down to Shore Drive. And get there about 15 minutes before sunset. Trust me, you have to get there early because once the sun starts sinking, it goes pretty fast!

If you can, try to capture a few photos on the north and south side of the fishing pier. It will really give you a focal point for a few photos if it’s on the north side. If you have the pier on the south side, you’ll be able to capture some of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

Lastly, luck has a lot to do with this. On a great day, you can see a few barges out in the bay and they lend themselves well to giving you a great focal point as well.

Happy shooting!

2014-06-23_0001.jpg 2014-06-23_0005.jpg

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