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A Birthday Party – Ethan Turns 6!

In addition to an engagement party and a fireworks celebration, we spent the weekend celebrating a soon to be 6 year old. My brother’s son will turn 6 July 11 (best birthday – free Slurpee on your birthday!). We made the trek up to Frdericksburg for his birthday party. And it was a blast!

My brother had everyone meet at The Children’s Museum in Fredericksburg. We watched the kids play and run like crazy people. I’m pretty sure the kids had a blast! They were in and out of the little grocery store, serving meals at the diner, painting pictures, and even climbing on the tires. It sure was a site to see.

A birthday party isn’t ever complete without cake and ice cream. The cake was absolutely adorable – it was a minion cake! Everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream prior to Ethan opening his presents. Ethan made out like a bandit – hot wheels galore, a scooter, a new battery for his power wheel, and a bike!

Hope you had a great birthday party, Ethan!


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Contest Time!

In the world of photography, you garner more business with more likes on your Facebook page. This, ultimately, gets your brand, style, and work out to the world wide interweb of people on earth. The more people who see your work, the more Facebook likes you’ll get. And from there, (hopefully!) you see a snowball effect.

One June 30, 2014, Forstner Photography reached 150 likes on Facebook. That doesn’t seem like a lot when the photographers I follow have thousands and tens of thousands likes. However, for someone just starting out and trying to grow, 150 likes over 3 months isn’t terrible! I decided, as a way to thank my 150 Facebook fans, I would offer a contest that would enable 1 lucky person to win a *FREE* photo shoot from me. That’s right, your grand prize is a photo shoot with yours truly. So, now that I have your attention, let’s get to the nitty gritty details.

How to Enter
You must go to my Facebook page and look for the contest link. Once you’re at the contest link, follow the instructions. (P.S. The more you share that link, the more entries you get!)

How to Win
The winner will be selected completely randomly. The more entries you have, the higher your chances are of winning! Be sure to share and like to increase your odds of winning! The contest is open from June 30 at 9 PM until July 3 at 9 PM. Once the contest is closed, the winner will be randomly selected and notified.

The Prize
You will received a FREE photo session with me. This session will last about 2 hours and will allow for 1 to 2 outfit changes if you desire. The photo shoot will take place in the Richmond, VA area at the location of your choice. Once you win, I will notify you first via email. After I have notified you, a blog will be posted announcing you as the winner and will be linked to the Facebook page as well. You will receive a disc of edited images and all the rights to these images. You will see a preview about 2 days after the photo shoot on Facebook and a blog post recapping our photo shoot.

Who Can Win
Anyone! (As long as you like the contest link.) This contest is open to anyone and everyone! So be sure to like the link and share the page.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me reach 150 likes in just 3 months. I am also hoping that you’ll encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else to like my page and help me grow my business so I can hit 300 likes by the end of September.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see who wins!

Spotsylvania County Fireworks

I absolutely LOVE fireworks. July 4 is one of my favorite holidays simply because of the amazing light displays that take place every year. The feeling of the thud in your chest when they explode, the smell of the burn, and the bright, colorful lights that illuminate the night sky awaken my senses. Seeing the awe in the faces of both young and old really makes it fantastic to know that others appreciate the awesomeness as much as I do.

My brother had sent a flyer to us to check out – a little Independence Day celebration was happening this weekend in Fredericksburg. It’s just an hour away and I figured we could make the quick trip up and back to check it out.  It was fun and enjoyable to scope out their celebration. When it finally got dark, we saw this amazing fireworks display.

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post about Fireworks over Richmond!

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