Sunsets might be my favorite

I love sunrises and I love sunsets. However, I love sunrises at the beach more than anywhere else. I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with where I grew up. It truly has been a love affair for me. I can recall back to high school dragging friends out to the beach with me at 545 AM on a Saturday to let me catch the sunrise and also snap a few photos of them too.

Living in the Richmond area, it makes it hard to get to the beach every single weekend for a sunrise. For now, I’ll enjoy the sunsets. In the Richmond area, there are many places to catch a spectacular sunset – Libby Hill (Church Hill), Sunday Park, Rockett’s Landing. The place that is the easiest for me to get to (because sometimes I’m just too lazy to want to drive out to Richmond) is Sunday Park in the Brandermill area.

Tonight, I caught a few quick pictures of my dear friend and her husband. She is really so great at being my test subject to see if my tweaks work. They graciously agreed to be my subjects for a few silhouette shots at sunset. Fortunately for me, my tweaks worked and these turned out pretty good!

I am looking forward to this weekend…Saturday I’ll be capturing a college friend as she participates in a horse dressage. Sunday, I’ll be shooting an engagement session in Williamsburg. I just cannot wait to shoot either session! Check back for their posts next week!

2014-05-01_0001 2014-05-01_0002 2014-05-01_0003 2014-05-01_0004

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