Taylor & Chewy: Engaged!

Meet Taylor and Chewy (AKA Matt, but no one calls him Matt…). I met these two beautiful people first at a wedding for mutual friends, but then finally got to know them and connected with Taylor when they both joined at my CrossFit gym. These two are just the type of people you love to be around and just want to have in your life.

Chewy adores Taylor and thinks the world of her. It is so awesome to see him look at her and be in awe every time he catches her eye. He encourages her to pursue her current passion – being a CrosssFit mega start. And let me tell you – she is every bit a mega star as one could be. He supports her, shows up to her competitions to cheer her on, and is as proud as her when she hits yet another astounding PR. Taylor certainly has Chewy’s heart and it’s a love story that is worth watching.

Taylor is so in love with Chewy. She looks like she’s rough and tough, but deep down she has a very soft, tender side. She is sensitive (sometimes overly in her opinion) and admits she can cry at the drop of a hat. In spite of what she sees as not so glowing qualities, she is an amazing partner to an incredible man. She gets frustrated over the little things with Chewy, but the minute she picks up the phone to call him after a workout, her entire demeanor changes.

The following is the story of their engagement and how I just happened to be one lucky person and witness it: Taylor and I had already planned to get some pictures of her and Chewy to help me out and work on my skills and building my portfolio. (See! They’re awesome like that!) So this past week, we decided on Easter Sunday just before they went to meet up with Taylor’s family for Easter Dinner. She was going to check to find out what time dinner was so we could set the time and make sure they still made it on time to be with her family.

I got to the gym around 4:50 April 16. That’s a pretty normal time to show up for a 5:15 class. As I am pulling in the parking lot, I notice Chewy is there. Chewy has had a new job for about 3 months now and works until 6 every night. We haven’t seen a lot of him at our normal class time due to his schedule. So of course when I see him, I’m thrilled and welcome him back much as everyone else does. While we’re changing into our gym clothes, he starts telling me about how he can flex his hours and that’s how he was able to get into the gym so early. (Clearly I wasn’t processing anything at this point! I was as clueless as Taylor!)

We all get in to the gym and start our warm-up and get loose. Our Wednesday’s for the past several weeks have been pretty light in terms of the time required for a workout since we’ve been doing mostly strength and skill work. Taylor and I set up our areas for working on our clean & Jerk PRs and our squats – right across from each other. Let me just tell you – Taylor is strong as heck. She’s come so far in just a short period of time and it’s incredible to watch her get stronger every day. She pushes everyone in the gym to go past what they thought they were capable of. She continues to push herself. She’s loaded up her bar with an astounding 125 lbs (this is more than nearly every female’s PR and just as much as a lot of the males) and gets to work. I’m getting ready to put 125 lbs on my bar to see if I can get a new PR when it suddenly gets so quiet you can hear a pin drop. I see our coach with his tablet and a fellow member with a camera pointed right at Taylor (I’m still clueless!). I keep messing with my weights….then I heard Chewy Man, it suddenly got quiet in here!!!

I turned just in time to see what was going on. Chewy was proposing to Taylor right in the middle of her trying to hit a new PR – a perfect place for him to pick. He got down on one knee, proposed to the woman of his dreams, she got blissfully teary eyed, and responded with a resounding yes. And everyone cheered for this dynamic couple. It was such a pleasure and honor to witness this awesome display of love.

What makes this even better is that Taylor had been talking to me for at least the last 2 weeks about engagement rings and how Chewy was starting to look and she was so excited. Then she told me had had been shopping this past weekend with his mom to find her the perfect ring. However, he couldn’t buy her a ring since the diamond store was closed on Sundays (and it’s true, they are closed on Sunday). He instead, gave her what he told her was a love ring (a little silver heart ring that CLEARLY was a decoy! Well played Chewy!). And furthermore, Taylor knew that if he had a ring, there was no way Chewy could wait…Alas, he did and his proposal was perfect for them!

The best part for me (after him asking and her saying yes!) was when Chewy said he’d been so nervous and felt so anxious and sick all day long with what he knew he was going to do that night. It took me back to our proposal and how anxious and nervous Billy was to ask me…and how we had been on a cruise and I just presumed he’d had too much time in the sun and drank a bit too much salt water while snorkeling.

I am so honored to be their friend, to share their story with you and share their love for each other through these images. Congratulations to you both on your engagement – we couldn’t be happier for you both!!!

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